What you will need to download/Websites

When coming to this program there are some apps that you should download/ look up before landing in the US

Applications on Phone

  1. Translation: 金山词霸or Google Translate
  2. Transportation (similar to “didi”): Uber, Lyft, Transit, ProximiT


  1. Public Transportation (recommended for traveling within Boston): the metro is a reliable way to explore Boston, you can buy a 7-day pass at the train station. https://cdn.mbta.com/sites/default/files/maps/2018-04-map-rapid-transit-key-bus-v31a.pdf
  2. Partners Shuttle: We have a shuttle that runs from MGH main campus (in downtown Boston) to the Martinos Center (in Charlestown) about every 15 minutes on weekdays and weekends every 30 minutes but only from 9am -6pm. More exact information can be found in the link here https://www.partners.org/shuttles.aspx?id=ShuttleSchedulesPg